Week 17: It’s About The Vibration

Haanel says in the Master Keys, “Vibration is the action of thought; it is vibration which reaches out and attracts the material necessary to construct and build.”

There are so many ways we what-you-think-aboutkeep ourselves disconnected, trying to get the things we want through hard work and muscling through it, when life could be so easy.  After all it is the connection that draws to you all that you want.  And, yes, even all that you don’t want.  The vibration does not discern between what is good and what is bad.  What you think about you bring about.

So there are many ways to most everything, the same applies here with one caveat.  The caveat is that you have to think about, bring emotion to, feel it, believe it, and take action towards whatever the thing is you want.

So then comes what is the practice(s) that you will create to insure that what you are thinking about is indeed what you want.

Many of us (and I am being generous but not saying all of us) are saddled with the thoughts of not being enough.  We don’t have enough knowledge, money, time, etc.  Or we have thoughts that “I don’t deserve it” or “it isn’t in the cards for me”. or a number of other possible thoughts.

The opportunity is yours and there is always an opportunity no matter your current set of circumstances.  You are never to old, to broke, to tired, or any other thing you think that keeps you down.

So when will you choose?  When will you choose that everything you learn about, the practices that seem monotonous and boring, the things that seem to not work for you, do work.  It works when you work it.  It was in “The Greatest Salesman in the World” that says “you never know around what corner” is everything that you have been working towards.

We live in a society where we want instant gratification.  If we don’t see something right away, or pretty soon after we try something, then we give up or just move on and use the lack of results for more evidence for how “it is not in the cards for you” or “it’s too late” or whatever it is for you.

So I write this easily because I fall into this trap as well.  The trap of stinkin’ thinkin’.  But the one thing that I have learned is that although I go down the rabbit hole, I have so many practices and tools to get myself up and out of that hole quickly and moving back to creating and vibrating a the level of love where there is power and everything you want.

So even if you have to get back on the horse every other day, each time you get closer to bringing about what you are looking for and creating for your life.

So it is time to connect!




Week 16: There Just Ain’t No Right Way

WHHHHAAAATTTTT?????  There is not a “right” way?

My molecules got rearranged.  Having to do something perfectly or not doing it at all has left me with a ton of unfinished programs, projects and opportunities.  My mode of operandi has been if I get behind, or I feel I have not done it “right” I just stop and tell myself I will get caught up or worse, tell myself this just isn’t for me.

Alas, and really duh, I discovered, this is my journey…my journey to create workability, joy, love and fun in everything that I am doing.  My subconscious does not know what the “right” way is.  So struggling and suffering to get it all right, is just more of the insidious behavior that keeps me stuck in more suffering and at a low vibration.love-or-above

So I am going to live at love or above.  I can only do that if I am doing what I do with joy.  My subconscious again doesn’t really care, as Mark always says, “Subby just don’t know”.

So I am choosing joy.  I am choosing grace.  I am choosing to live at the vibration level of love or above in every thing I do.  So discovering that there is no “right” way to do this thing called life.

At love or above, doing the flash cards if full of joy.  Reading Og, the Master Keys, or whatever it is that I am doing imprints on my subconscious, and I feel good, even when I don’t do things “right”.  There is no negativity, disappointment or “harm” done to the work that I have done thus far.  There is just surrendering to my process and doing it with joy.

I have been thinking about how these really successful people, probably not all at least, read Og 3 times a day, blogs about it, messages about it, journals, write cards, etc…but the one thing that they do is operate from a higher vibration, love or above.  Their subconscious minds have done that work to stay at a level that is connected and the 7 laws are ingrained in who they are.

So I get back on the horse as they say, and I do it with love, grace and gratitude for myself and my journey.  I find then I really do not miss anything.  But I do get to live a life of love and one of creation of the future that I want realized, but without blame or shame which is a very low vibration.

So I will continue on my journey as it evolves, so will I.  My future is bright, I can see it, I can feel it.  So let the ride continue, but this time from a place of love, grace and gratitude for the way my journey goes.


Week 15: New Year, Full of Possibilities

happy-new-yearHappy New Year!  I love the new year as it is a time of renewal.  Each new year that rolls around, starting for me in mid December I begin to reflect on the current year.  I look at what happened, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I look for what I want to do less of, as well as, what I want to do more of.  I release the disappointments and failures and celebrate the accomplishments.  Each year I am surprised and delighted that my list of accomplishments always surpass my list of failures even though sometimes it feels more like the failure list should have been longer.

As a coach, I use this exercise with all of my clients, and each year they are also surprised and delighted.  So why is this?  It is our subconscious mind at work with its main attention on survival.  I mean you got to be looking out all the time right?  NO!

One of my accomplishments is staying the course with the Master Key Mastermind.  I know my subconscious has told me over and over that this is silly, we have better things to do than read a chapter of a book each week over and over again, along with all the other things.  I mean who does this?

But alas, week fifteen and the small steps each week has advanced me in my thinking and in my mindset, and most of all in my accomplishments.  I finished 2016 out strong.  I did things that shocked me beyond measure.  Different opportunities showed up that in the past I would have just said no without a thought.

So 2017, as with any beginning of a new year, is full of new possibilities.  But this year is different.  I have achieved a whole new level of consciousness.  Who I was last year is not the same person starting this year.  This has all been achieved by the daily actions.  Each day building on itself, doing more of what works, and less of what does not work.

“I am nature’s greatest miracle” says Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Salesman in the World.  There is no one else like me.  No one who has my abilities, way of doing things, my way of seeing the world.  And, the possibilities are endless.

This is also true for everyone.  If you are a human being your are also full of pure exquisite possibility.  You uniqueness is grand and beautiful.  You also are nature’s greatest miracle. It is the time for us to own our uniqueness and offer it up to the world in all it’s splendor. Your  authentic expression expressed, not some version of what you think you “should” do, be or have, because of what society says.

So my wish for you in 2017, is that you step into your mighty greatest that only you have, and that you share it with the world.

Happy New Year!


Week 13: Turning Around on a Dime

I have been all over the place in the last several weeks.  Whew!

I have been up and I have been down, I have seen it working in my life, then I feel like it is a waste of time.  Then this morning happened…

So I am taking the biggest leap I have ever taken before.  I have hired an International Award winning  Coaching Team (yes, it takes a team)  that is going to push me, pull me, mold me into that which I have created myself to be, “The Leading International Expert in Women’s Performance, Best-Selling Author, Fit and Fabulous”.

Yesterday in speaking with someone about my excitement and apprehension of this giant leap, she shared with me and said some things (although not intentionally) got me feeling bad and totally second guessing myself.  Now mind you, having this International Coach show up and then raising the capital to pay for it was completely brought into my consciousness from my subconscious being hard at work on realizing my burning desires that I have created, and I was clear about that.  Nonetheless, I began to think about what a stupid idea it was, I should not do it, who am I to do this, etc, etc, etc.

I woke up this morning, with those same thoughts only 10 times worse now that I have simmered in them.  But I did my megeorge-bernard-shawditation as I always do, and it got louder, and then crawled into my same chair as I do every morning after my meditation with my tea in hand, ready to go through the motions of my readings. So I read the chapter of “The Greatest Salesmen in the World” by Og Mandino, and then I read the one sentence sum up of my desires for next year,  As I began to read it faking it til I made it, a switch got turned on.  I no longer was faking it, it is me, it is my truth, I am taking the right actions, I can accomplish anything I want.

The doubts, the fears, the apprehension, it was gone.  The clarity was back, I had turned around on a dime.

I finished my reading and got about my day.  It was magical.  My confidence had shifted, I had clarity and pureness of thought.  I have promised to let go of my ego and I trust in the powers that be and it is showing up as I created.  My subconscious mind is leading the way, it is demolishing my ego.  It is showing me that I am not a “feverish, selfish little clod of ailments and grievances” as George Bernard Shaw writes. But I am a magnificent, capable woman who can accomplish anything.

So the story continues.  I may still have the mental fights as my ego and my identity fight for that which is safe.  But I shall overcome, as the old hymm goes.

Happy Holidays to all!  May you find your true joy in life!

Week 12: Just Keeping It Real

Does it have to be a struggle?

I read it with feeling, I walk and listen, I write, I read, I visualize, I concentrate, I relax, I go on the mental diet, and then I struggle.  What is that about?  How can I feel so disjointed? What is missing? Is this that hard for me?  Is it all just a test?

So I know Haanel says that it does not work to change things about, but doesn’t life start to move and change as you go along?  My journey over the last twelve weeks strugglehas been moving fast.  I have made huge leaps of faith.  I can see my vision in my head so clearly.  I have a knowing that it is already mine and on its way to me.  But this in between time when things seem to not make sense other than being a lot of work and a huge distraction in getting the work done that there is to do.

This week I am tired.  Tired of the same frustrating things happening.  Tired of not doing what I need to do and continuing with the bad habits that have crept in to mask the disappointment that I have in myself.  It is a little bit
like what I imagine a alcoholic goes through when they can see they keep doing what they to stop, but not being able to seemingly do anything about it and soon they just don’t remember that they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing.  I don’t know really what it is to be an alcoholic gratefully, but the addictions and the habits come in many different forms.

So even as I write this I can feel the disatisfaction in that I am even writing this, or that I even feel this way.  I know, I know, think God or my happy place.  Okay, then what?

So I bring in the Law of Forgiveness, I forgive myself, then the Law of Duality, replace that frustration with joy, the the Law of Practice, do it over, and over and over.  As Og says in the 3rd Scroll, try and try and try again, as you will never know until you turn the corner, so just keep going.  So I am going to keep going.  I am going to keep working it out.  My subconscious and my ego at battle, but my subconscious is going to be victorious.

I suppose if this was easy, we would all be rich, skinny and happy, as someone, somewhere said.

So going to keep it real, I battle, I struggle, but this time, unlike other times, I just keep going.



Week 11: Don’t Second Guess What is Showing Up

Well it have a really big future that I have created.  My Future and Vision for the end of 2017 is BIG.  I will have to have a complete paradigm shift.  bhagIt is ten times what I accomplished this year.  I will need a catalyst.  But when things start to show up I second guess it.

My business has doubled this past year, it has been great, but when I look at what is possible (and that is just what I can actually see) there is a potential that most people would say, scale that back, that is not really possible.  But who are they to say right?

Now I have been doing the work, day in and day out, both the inner and the outer work.  But recently an opportunity came to me to work with a group of Global Coaches.  Now of course I was “Yes, please”, but the very next thought was “I can’t afford that.”  Now going back to what Og says to get rid of can’t, impossible, etc…I just started in as if I would find a way.

I began taking the actions one would take.  The coaches gave me things to do, things began to look like possibly I could make it work, but alas I said no.  Then as I was driving home and idea popped in my head that would be the answer to all my concerns.  So back in action I got.

I did not realize at first that maybe my subconscious had actually had this show up as a way in which to realize the big future I had created. Everything seems to be pointing towards this is the right thing, or the thing that is being given  for me to realize that big future that would take a paradigm shift for me to accomplish.

So I have jumped in, I still am working out the details, but I can feel it happening.  It is as sure as my name is Georgiana.  I have a sense of calm, of peace, that all is exactly as it should be.

This leads me to the second thing I want to say about this.

I have spent a lifetime trying to not feel.  It just seemed better that way. If I did not feel things than the hurt or disappointment would somehow be less.  I have gotten quite good at it.

The problem with not feeling is that I also suppress the “good” feelings.  The feelings of excitement, love, gratitude etc…the feelings that allows my subconscious to really get my future that I want is one that feels good.

So excited I get.  Loving and grateful everyday.  Passionate I demonstrate.  I am alive!

Anything is possible when I am living, as I say, out loud, on purpose and wildly expressed.

Week 10: Consistency is Key!

Well what a rollercoaster ride it has been.  Way up one week, then way down the next.  But the key I have discovered is consistency!

I have found myself wanting to quit the last week.  My subconscious mind was fighting tooth and nail for something.  One minute it was “this doesn’t work for me”, the next it was “a few moments each day are a small price to pay”. So I just kept on it, I must admit someday were more enthusiastic than others, but I worked my way through it.

I found myself wondering it you ever get to the other side and just never have bad days again.  I mean wouldn’t that be wonderful.  An entire day, week, month, year without the ego trying to take over and tell you just how “hard” this is and “what are you doing all this for anyway?”

It is over this last week that my ego is fighting for “it’s” life.  After all most of my life it has been my protector, my survival mechanism.  The one thing that was going to keep me safe from humiliation, failure and the such, or so it thought.  And that bugger is just not going to go down without a fight.

The good thing is, I got game and I am not going down!

So I continue to wake up and sit, and read, and review my board.  I think, I visualize, I plan, I imagine and then I go about my day. Then after lunch, I read, I visualize, I plan, I imagine and go about my day, and finally laying in bed before closing my eyes, I sit, I read, I visualize, I imagine.

The one thing I do know is that some days I can see it and some days I can’t, but I wake up and greet the day with love and that is pretty great start.

I know many people may struggle.  After all, we or at least I, was not born into a culture where love fought the battles.  I was born into a culture/world of complaints, and don’t fail at all costs, be careful you don’t want to get hurt way of doing life.


I was told when you fall off just get back on the horse.  The problem was that doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, is insanity, and that is where I spent most of my life.  I knew it, I just could not seem to change it.


So now I practice.  I bring consistency to break through the complacency my brain has set up for me.  I work my brain, I feed my subconscious with a consistent dose of healthy fuel to alter that which has been imprinted over the many years living in a society of complacency.

So I am grateful to be able to see a future where the law of attraction is prevalent in my life.  Where I am in the flow.  I am creating and acting, laughing and loving in a way that I feel good, no, actually where I feel amazing.

So consistency is key.  I will take the right actions, and do the right thinking, until finally I have the master key working for me.