Month: September 2016

Week 1 I’m a Screw Up Vs. I Screwed Up

Week 1 I’m a Screw Up Vs. I Screwed Up

I have done a lot of work throughout the years and it has been easy to have my own conversation about what a screw up I have been.  I think about all the missed opportunities and how my life would look “if” I had just done all the things that I have learned about and started and stopped throughout the years. I have spent a lifetime there, full of shame and disappointment, it was not pretty as you can imagine.

But this time is different!  I have finally realized that I may have screwed up, but I am NOT a screw up.  As a matter of fact, I am pretty awesome!  I have had an amazing journey.  A journey full of new discoveries, ups and downs and all arounds. But life is a journey, isn’t it?

As I begin this new part of the journey I have discovered that there are tons of start overs.  You cannot do over life, but you certainly can start again.  Each time I start again it is from a new starting point.  It is wonderful really.  Who I was when I started the last time was brilliant, but now I have a whole new perspective, a new ground to start from.  It is a place from which I can love myself and open up my heart for new discoveries.  The only way to fail to to fail to perform.

The journey now begins.  Everything that I have been doing seems to be in preparation of a new beginning.  With new openings from opening my heart and being vulnerable to clearing money blocks through clearing the Chakras, what an amazing time to be alive.  With an endless number of modalities it is very exciting to discover what makes your heart sing and impacts you.  As Charles Haanel writes in his book, The Master Key System, “There is a world within – a world of thought and feeling and power; of light and life and beauty and, although invisible, its forces are mighty.”

So the journey of going within and connecting is a new journey but one that seems to be paying off big dividends.  So let this be my time.

Game on!  Let the journey begin.


A New Beginning…

A New Beginning…

This is the beginning of a new adventure.  I have transformed my life many times in the last 52 years but life has never looked as glorious as it does right now.  The whole world is brighter!  There is a gentleness and kindness in my experience that I have never ever known.  I feel happy, I am happy!

As I begin yet another journey I look forward with hope and full of intention that this is yet another big step forward in being the most magnificent, courageous, brave and compassionate me.

I can only keep creating that which I really want, that which will fulfill my vision that is aligned with my values and what really matters to me and the difference I am here to make.  I am grateful for the people in my life, for the paths that have opened up, and continue to open up that allow me to step into my fullest expression in the world.

So let the games begin!  What a ride!