Week 4 I did it!

Life is a journey for sure!

Since I began this leg of my journey in the last four weeks, life has gotten really interesting.  There is life, death, sickness and health.  I have felt it, I have connected to it, and I have realized that it is just life lifing.  It really is extraordinary for me to have discovered, once again really, that life just keeps lifing and I get to say how it will go for me.

I have felt the connection of being one.  I have felt the feelings, the sadness, the anger of people around me. I feel it as they are mine.  It has been unsettling.  Not bad, just unsettling.  Learning to separate from the I am sad, I am unsettled, I am (fill in the blank) has been powerful. I can have these feelings and not be impacted by these feelings, not take them in, not let them overtake me.

I know there are powers much bigger than myself which is awesome and thank goodness really because if I am what I have to depend on then, yikes…but then again, what is the “I” that I depend on?  I have looked at this “I” in the past to really discover that there really is no “I”.  I mean if you were to cut me open, but please don’t, you would not find some little me inside, please trust me.    There would not be Georgiana the business owner, or Georgiana the woman, or Georgiana the sister, or Aunt, or friend or any other way in which I say that “I” am inside of me.  But “I” has real power.   The “I” that is Universal power that when connected anything is possible.

So that is really great news right?!  That means we are never just stuck with anything there is no fixed way that you are.   Haanel says in the Master Keys, “When you say “I think” the “I” tells the mind what it shall think; when you say “I go” the “I” tells the physical body where it shall go; the real nature of this “I” is spiritual, and is the source of the real power which comes to men and women when they come into a realization of their true nature.”

So discovering my true nature as  human being connected as one to the Universal Mind, when “I” connect I can create and achieve anything.  Not only can I create anything but this is where all the magic happens.  When I give up that I “know” what is possible or not for me and my life the magic is gone, but when I just give it up, and trust, and listen, and connect to the real power within all of us, the Universal Mind, God, Krishna, Jesus, whatever resonates with you, magic and what we call miracles happen.

The only caveat here, when I say magic and miracles it also makes me think of I had nothing to do with it.  But I did.  I let go, I connected, I created, I trusted and I did the work that was shown on the path for me to take.  So I know I cannot just sit and connect and create, but I must also and always take action.  I once heard someone say there is action in attraction.  So I say if you can dream it, trust, listen and take inspired action, anything is possible.

It is interesting as I have known all this for a long time, and have even dipped my toe in practicing this many times.  But the “I” that “knows” (and is cynical and resigned) would take over and stop the action.  By trusting, diving in deep, and playing full-out, 100% all the time, does make incremental and sometimes huge jumps in reality.

So I continue to let go, to trust and take inspired actions!  As the saying goes, “The future is so bright I gotta wear shades.”  Let my dreams come to reality!




4 thoughts on “Week 4 I did it!

  1. Hey Georgiana! YOU are doining it!! Allowing life to be lived through you. choosing what you dsire. Separating from the known feelings. Your statement: I say if you can dream it, trust, listen and take inspired action, anything is possible.” is true and so inspiring. Congratulations on conintuing to choose your truth as the cement is being cracked wide open.

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