Week 5: Giving, Enough Said

giving-1Giving:  to cause or allow (someone or something) to have (something, especially something abstract); provide or supply with (Definition from Google).  I love this.  I mean how often do we think about how we can get something, or what do we need to get, or I need more (Fill in the blank)?  Countless times right?  Well the new paradigm (not new, but new to many), is giving, or giving more than I receive.

What a concept!  Give more to get more.

Haanel says, ” This power is from within, but we cannot receive it unless we give it.  Use is the condition upon which we hold this inheritance.  We are each of us but the channel through wiich the Omnipotent power is being differentiated into form;  unless we give, the channel is obstructed and we can receive no more.  This is true on every plane of exitence and in every field of endeavor and all walks of life  The more we give, the more we get. ..The financier who wishes to make money must use of the money he has, for only by using it can he get more.”

So our power, is only ours as long as we are giving it.  What?!  Giving my power away?  No giving, giving of your time, giving of you resources, giving a smile, a gift, whatever it may be.

I am reminded at this time in history with the elections coming up soon of all that people want to hold onto;  their opinions, their righteousness, their dignity, their point of view, and in the process there comes anger, hate and even violence.  You do not have to look far to feel the angst.  What if for one minute we gave each other the gift of understanding, listening for no good reason, just a gift.

Living without giving opinions is challenging, especially at this time. Someone today accused me of living in a bubble.  I suppose if living in a bubble where I want to spread only love and understanding and keep my opinions to myself then this bubble I wish to stay in. You know the old saying, “Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.”

So today I choose to give more than I receive, and I am starting with love and understanding. So to all of my followers and to all the people full of angst, and everyone else, I hope you can let in and allow this swoosh of love and understanding to penetrate straight through to your heart and that it provides at the very least a moment of warmth and understanding for humanity.

So if that means I live in a bubble, then let it be.



One thought on “Week 5: Giving, Enough Said

  1. Georgiana, Your Press Release is stunning. Beautiful Job of including your DMP of giving more than you receive and being interviewed by two of your role models. Your commitment to giving runs strong, deep and inspires all women to drop their shame and live their lives in freedom.


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