Week 7: What can you see?


“Through the ages man has believed in an invisible power, through which and by which all things have been created and continually being created.” says  Haanel.

It goes to reason really.  I mean if you look around your life there are things, situations, even people that you have been dreaming up for a long time.  Some of those things may have seemed like they magically appeared, I know I have many of those.  But when I think of this invisible power, I personally have many names in which I call it, I can look back in my life when I was creating all kinds of exciting things and life was fun, I was happy, things seem to be going great.  Yet, there have also been times when things just plain sucked.

When I look back on those times when life sucked, I can honestly say that what was getting created was more suckiness.  It was all that consumed my thoughts, even my actions, and who I was being.  When I closed my eyes I could not invision anything that even remotely seemed positive or even possible, it was strictly worry, stress, and horrible thoughts of not being enough, or worthy.

Now thinking back on that time, knowing that I did have a say I can see that what I went to work on was invisioning, visualizing, writing about, talking about a future that I really wanted.  I turned things around.  I created in my beliefs, in my actions, in my invisioning of life.  I stopped allowing the negative thoughts to stay stuck with me.

Now it was not over night that things started showing up, but one thing for sure is I immediately started feeling hopeful, even happy.  Over a matter of several months of visualizing, and managing my self-talk, as well as gossip and negative thinking, talking and acting, my life changed.  My business picked up, I moved into a great new place, I started losing weight.  The best part of all of it at that time was it seemed like magic.  It was not hard, and although there was effort, it was not difficult.

I now am so grateful for the invisible power through which and by which all things have been and will continue to be created and re-created.  I continue to visualize, to dream, to create positive “vibes” where ever I go.  I love my life and the opportunities that lie ahead.  After all with the invisible power on my side, well, anything is possible.



4 thoughts on “Week 7: What can you see?

  1. During this MKMMA Journey, I often think back to a time as I child where I manifested two wonderful things (in the eyes of an 8 or 9 year old), all without much effort and with a whole lot of excitement. I’m working on recreating that daily as an adult (and boy is it tough). CONGRATS on your journey thus far! Continue your magic, it’s working.


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