Week 8: Fantastic!

Well what a week!  A challenge of no TV for a week.  Here I thought I did not watch much TV, but take it away and I realize just how much time I spend sitting in front of it, wasting time, not even really conscious.


So I just realized just how not present I spend a lot of my time and I call it relaxing.  But When I consciously relaxed, I not only relaxed but I did things that I really enjoy that move me forward to where I really want to be.  I have readjusted my life, in a good way, but it is different.

The beginning of it was exhausting.  I worked from dawn til I finally went to bed.  I did not know how to relax.  I got a lot done, but man was I beat.  So then I thought by the third day I must discover and create a new way, a way of consciously relaxing and being present.

So as I moved through the week I began to notice something.  That I was noticing things, The little things like how this tree in front of my window seems to sway in a way that is soothing, comfortable and very organic.  So then maybe that is what life is all about.  You go with the flow while standing strong, grounded in the earth.

I then started a new journey, a ritual of sorts.  I got grounded every morning.  I created my intention for the day.  I had my schedule, but I got to allow life to happen.  To notice how life just moves you.  But here is the big thing,  if I just move with life organically, I do not resist it, it is soothing and comfortable.

So it really is only in the resistance of  what is happening in my life where it can get uncomfortable and difficult.

So although I will go back to watching TV, it will now be intentional.  Who knows what I will discover from creating my life from an intentional space all the time.


4 thoughts on “Week 8: Fantastic!

  1. I gave up on Television a long time ago except for two shows I usually DVR then watch on Saturday nights, I love to learn especially about history, but I found that I would come home from work (Late, second shift) and I would be flipping channels for hours. Whereas if I found a good book I could learn from I would read for maybe an hour and then retire.


  2. Thank you Heather! Writing has been a block for me in the past, this has really helped me move throught that…and I am now the Author of the upcoming book “FemPower, The Woman’s guide to mindblowing success”


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