Week 9: Is this for real?

I was hanging out with a good friend yesterday telling her about all the cool things that are happening, and in the same breathe I was telling her how maybe it was just too good to be true.  WHAT?!

One of the things that I have on my vision board is to be in a loving relationship with a man who is also a successful Entrepreneur.  So I began by getting myself out there, right to meet someone you have to start, so I did just that.  Within a week I met this extraordinary man who adores me, is also a successful Entrepreneur and wants to give me the moon.  But instead of leaning into that I had created this, and that the “hard” work I have been doing to create my life is paying off, I went to “This can’t be real!”

My girlfriend said to me, “Why don’t you stand in his creation now, and allow yourself to enjoy and reap the rewards of your creation.”

Now that was an “aha”!  I could just settle in and enjoy this man who adores me, the very thing that I have dreamt about, wrote about, and talked about.

What I have been realizing is that in the background of creating all this was the doubt that it could or would ever be realized.  I have spent a lot of my life creating vision boards, writing futures, creating goals, and all the other stuff one can do.  But with the this proobably won’t or can’t happen has always been lurking in the background.

mind-powerfulSo now with turning things over to my subconscious as Og Mandino says in his book The Greatest Salesman in the World, “that mysterious source that never sleeps, which creates my dreams, and often makes me act in ways I do not comprehend” , I have been able to release the ideas, thoughts or assumptions that this kind of stuff was just not in the cards for me.

So I havbelive-ite realized that magic is happening!  This is real!  I can now see that I do believe it and the future that I want, or something better is going to happen.  I can have what I want and more.

So I have a lot to be grateful for at this time, well always, but having a “knowing” that as Hill says “Whatever my mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” I am delighted in the possibilities.


7 thoughts on “Week 9: Is this for real?

  1. Wow, deep thoughts. Congratulations for manifesting part of your dream. I get that. The tiny doubt always niggling. Doubt in self and lasting change. So happy you turned it around in your thinking. I’m working on mine.
    May you have many more magical moments in your journey.
    Juneta’s MKE Blog


  2. Part of love is love ourself enough to RECEIVE all the good things that come our way! ENJOY IT! Great post! Love your honesty and transparency!


  3. Congratulations! I hope things turn out better than you could possibly imagine. Remember that you are Whole, Perfect, Powerful, Strong, Loving, Harmonious and Happy!


  4. Isn’t it amazing how we always want to complicate life, if it’s not hard fought it is suspect, yet at the other end if you have to try tooo hard is it really right?


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