Week 11: Don’t Second Guess What is Showing Up

Well it have a really big future that I have created.  My Future and Vision for the end of 2017 is BIG.  I will have to have a complete paradigm shift.  bhagIt is ten times what I accomplished this year.  I will need a catalyst.  But when things start to show up I second guess it.

My business has doubled this past year, it has been great, but when I look at what is possible (and that is just what I can actually see) there is a potential that most people would say, scale that back, that is not really possible.  But who are they to say right?

Now I have been doing the work, day in and day out, both the inner and the outer work.  But recently an opportunity came to me to work with a group of Global Coaches.  Now of course I was “Yes, please”, but the very next thought was “I can’t afford that.”  Now going back to what Og says to get rid of can’t, impossible, etc…I just started in as if I would find a way.

I began taking the actions one would take.  The coaches gave me things to do, things began to look like possibly I could make it work, but alas I said no.  Then as I was driving home and idea popped in my head that would be the answer to all my concerns.  So back in action I got.

I did not realize at first that maybe my subconscious had actually had this show up as a way in which to realize the big future I had created. Everything seems to be pointing towards this is the right thing, or the thing that is being given  for me to realize that big future that would take a paradigm shift for me to accomplish.

So I have jumped in, I still am working out the details, but I can feel it happening.  It is as sure as my name is Georgiana.  I have a sense of calm, of peace, that all is exactly as it should be.

This leads me to the second thing I want to say about this.

I have spent a lifetime trying to not feel.  It just seemed better that way. If I did not feel things than the hurt or disappointment would somehow be less.  I have gotten quite good at it.

The problem with not feeling is that I also suppress the “good” feelings.  The feelings of excitement, love, gratitude etc…the feelings that allows my subconscious to really get my future that I want is one that feels good.

So excited I get.  Loving and grateful everyday.  Passionate I demonstrate.  I am alive!

Anything is possible when I am living, as I say, out loud, on purpose and wildly expressed.


3 thoughts on “Week 11: Don’t Second Guess What is Showing Up

  1. Your passion is showing up in wonderful ways, and you have convinced me that your dreams will all come true!
    i am inspired by your expression full of feeling of, “Anything is possible when I am living, as I say, out loud, on purpose and wildly expressed.”

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