Week 15: New Year, Full of Possibilities

happy-new-yearHappy New Year!  I love the new year as it is a time of renewal.  Each new year that rolls around, starting for me in mid December I begin to reflect on the current year.  I look at what happened, the good, the bad and the ugly.  I look for what I want to do less of, as well as, what I want to do more of.  I release the disappointments and failures and celebrate the accomplishments.  Each year I am surprised and delighted that my list of accomplishments always surpass my list of failures even though sometimes it feels more like the failure list should have been longer.

As a coach, I use this exercise with all of my clients, and each year they are also surprised and delighted.  So why is this?  It is our subconscious mind at work with its main attention on survival.  I mean you got to be looking out all the time right?  NO!

One of my accomplishments is staying the course with the Master Key Mastermind.  I know my subconscious has told me over and over that this is silly, we have better things to do than read a chapter of a book each week over and over again, along with all the other things.  I mean who does this?

But alas, week fifteen and the small steps each week has advanced me in my thinking and in my mindset, and most of all in my accomplishments.  I finished 2016 out strong.  I did things that shocked me beyond measure.  Different opportunities showed up that in the past I would have just said no without a thought.

So 2017, as with any beginning of a new year, is full of new possibilities.  But this year is different.  I have achieved a whole new level of consciousness.  Who I was last year is not the same person starting this year.  This has all been achieved by the daily actions.  Each day building on itself, doing more of what works, and less of what does not work.

“I am nature’s greatest miracle” says Og Mandino in his book, The Greatest Salesman in the World.  There is no one else like me.  No one who has my abilities, way of doing things, my way of seeing the world.  And, the possibilities are endless.

This is also true for everyone.  If you are a human being your are also full of pure exquisite possibility.  You uniqueness is grand and beautiful.  You also are nature’s greatest miracle. It is the time for us to own our uniqueness and offer it up to the world in all it’s splendor. Your  authentic expression expressed, not some version of what you think you “should” do, be or have, because of what society says.

So my wish for you in 2017, is that you step into your mighty greatest that only you have, and that you share it with the world.

Happy New Year!



4 thoughts on “Week 15: New Year, Full of Possibilities

  1. Georgiana, YOU are nature’s greatest miracle! I celebrate you finishing 2016 out strong! WOOHOO!! I really get what it’s taken for you to stay with the practices of MKE, congratulations! It’s so clear to me how brightly you’ll be sharing your unique greatness on an even bigger scale in 2017. You’re giving yourself such a solid foundation. Here’s to seeing you driving your new white Tesla in 2017!


  2. Hi Georgina great blog, I love it. The truth that knowledge does not apply itself is so enlightening and profound in it’s simplicity because it is the distinguishing factor!


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