Week 16: There Just Ain’t No Right Way

WHHHHAAAATTTTT?????  There is not a “right” way?

My molecules got rearranged.  Having to do something perfectly or not doing it at all has left me with a ton of unfinished programs, projects and opportunities.  My mode of operandi has been if I get behind, or I feel I have not done it “right” I just stop and tell myself I will get caught up or worse, tell myself this just isn’t for me.

Alas, and really duh, I discovered, this is my journey…my journey to create workability, joy, love and fun in everything that I am doing.  My subconscious does not know what the “right” way is.  So struggling and suffering to get it all right, is just more of the insidious behavior that keeps me stuck in more suffering and at a low vibration.love-or-above

So I am going to live at love or above.  I can only do that if I am doing what I do with joy.  My subconscious again doesn’t really care, as Mark always says, “Subby just don’t know”.

So I am choosing joy.  I am choosing grace.  I am choosing to live at the vibration level of love or above in every thing I do.  So discovering that there is no “right” way to do this thing called life.

At love or above, doing the flash cards if full of joy.  Reading Og, the Master Keys, or whatever it is that I am doing imprints on my subconscious, and I feel good, even when I don’t do things “right”.  There is no negativity, disappointment or “harm” done to the work that I have done thus far.  There is just surrendering to my process and doing it with joy.

I have been thinking about how these really successful people, probably not all at least, read Og 3 times a day, blogs about it, messages about it, journals, write cards, etc…but the one thing that they do is operate from a higher vibration, love or above.  Their subconscious minds have done that work to stay at a level that is connected and the 7 laws are ingrained in who they are.

So I get back on the horse as they say, and I do it with love, grace and gratitude for myself and my journey.  I find then I really do not miss anything.  But I do get to live a life of love and one of creation of the future that I want realized, but without blame or shame which is a very low vibration.

So I will continue on my journey as it evolves, so will I.  My future is bright, I can see it, I can feel it.  So let the ride continue, but this time from a place of love, grace and gratitude for the way my journey goes.



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