Press Release

Press Release

Interview  BY Gail King with Oprah and Brene and Georgiana  January 10, 2018

It is 10am on a glorious morning here on Oprah’s sprawling Santa Barbara Ranch.  As we prepared to speak with Georgiana we looked out on the beautiful green pastures surrounded by white fences.  The horses were in the distance grazing without a care in the world.

It did not take too much to get these women together.  When I told Brene and Oprah about what Georgiana was doing they agreed immediately that this was someone they had to meet.  Brene said, “She sounds like a woman after my own heart.”

Georgiana is considered an expert in Women’s Performance and effectiveness, her best selling book has brought awareness to women entrepreneurs that is leading the way.  One day she had one of those epiphanies that you hear of that in a moment shakes your world up and it is never the same again.  As a Performance Coach she sat down one day thinking about how she could help more women.  She knew that many women could really be impacted and even change the course of their life with even just one hour of coaching, and many women would never either have the chance or take the chance to get coaching.  So the only rational thing to do was give it away.  So as she says, “It started out as 1,000 Women Strong, I was going to give away 1,000 hours of no strings attached coaching for any woman who wanted it.”  Oprah said, “ Funny how the Universe sets us on a course in strange ways.”

Georgiana settled in with her tea and watched Brene and Oprah as if she was watching TV.  I said to her, “This is real, enjoy it!”, she nodded as if she was awakening from a dream.

Millions of Women Strong, which started out as a grass roots organization.  As Georgiana said, “I had no budget for it, and I was committed that this be a Community Born Movement, a Social Enterprise, that built itself.  I was always meant to be the Steward of the Movement, never the Head Woman!”  As word began to spread of the movement women from all over the world wanted to contribute and be part of sharing their story as well as their gifts and talents.  It was put together faster than any community or organization I have ever heard of.

One of the things that I believe makes Millions of Women Strong so important is that it is a place for women to come to share with each other, to lift one another up, and to have a safe place to come and to work through the things that keeps them from having the life they want.  They have whatever resources they may need for low to no cost.  It is a community supported Organization.  Georgiana said, “The community has helped her as much as everyone else in the Community.  I have learned to trust and in this I have been able to open my heart fully and have the life I never believed I could have, with relationships and partnerships that were unimaginable.”

Georgiana has a full schedule.  She is a Performance Coaching for Women Entrepreneur’s and runs Group Mentor Programs throughout the year, and speaks around the world,  but in her spare time she spends time in her beautiful home with as she says, “the man of my dreams”.  She creates this whole operation from her stunning home office.  When I first met with her, her assistant first greeted me at the door with a beautiful gift.  Georgiana later explained that her company mission is to give more than they receive and that everyone they encounter will receive some kind of gift;  it could be a compliment, a prayer, a trinket, a flower.  She went on to say, “This world is full of laws, like the law of gravity, you can argue it, but no matter how much you resist the law of gravity, you jump off a building you go splat.  The same is with the law of giving and receiving, you got to give to receive, and we want to make sure we are always giving more than we receive, so that starts with everyone.” , she said with a sense of joy and gratitude.

I asked her what her motivation is for all that she does and she answered, “ As a coach I have had many coaches, coaches of all kinds, but this one magical coach I had really changed the world for me.  I was able to say something that I had so much shame around that it had really kept me small, and once that was untethered to me I was able to open my heart, my wings came out and I was able to soar.  This is what I want for every women.  Brene speaks about shame in her books, and she says, “Shame can only exist with secrecy, silence and judgement.”  So I am making it my mission to give women a place, a safe place, where they can begin to tell their stories, and get out from under the veil of shame and bring their dreams to reality.  The purpose is for women to live their boldest, bravest, most courageous and compassionate lives, out loud, on purpose, and wildly expressed.  We will be the change and the world needs us.”

It is really important work that Georgiana is doing and more women need to be doing it.  We applaud Georgiana for living her boldest, bravest most courageous and compassionate life out loud and on purpose, because without her, the world would be missing out on a bright light.